Where it all began

No one knows when and where Voodoo Idol was born, perhaps a thousand years ago, somewhere in the South Africa,
may be even earlier somewhere in the depths of the universe, and his particles remain in all of us…

The first mention of Voodoo Idol appeared in May 2015, after he had risen on the ruins of “Voodoo Bag Of Stones”.
And after this the band released the first single – “Road to Nowhere”. Impetuous and fat post-stoner song.
In the autumn of 2015 they started recording their debut album, simultaneously playing out a lot of concerts in Moscow.
After the long nine months, the debute album was released in 29.09.2016, which was warmly received by the audience and
even by European blogs.

Reviews can be read here:


Compared with the first single Voodoo Idol became more psychedelic.
The album imbued with paranormal smoke and dances of alternative personalities.
But with the release of the album there have been changes in participants – for various reasons bassist was gone, and later drummer went away too/
In October 2016, with new participants of group, Voodoo Idol went to a small tour with the presentation of the album in the four cities in Russia.

After the band’s members changing Voodoo Idol went to “Awakening” tour for 7 cities in Russia.

Nowadays the group is working on new material, periodically playing gigs in Moscow.


Alina Goldobina – vox, guitar

Nick Telkov – bass

Michael Filatov – drums


Vladimir Levin – bass (until december 2017)

Vasiliy Zhurkin – bass (until march 2017)
Kirill Om – drums (until march 2017)

Nikolay Ponomarev – bass (until summer 2016)
Pavel Lebedev – drums (until summer 2016)


Road to Nowhere (single 2015)
Hero (album single 2016)
Those Signs Led (album single 2016)
Sense (album 2016)